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Whittington Parish Council

Parish Council update - November 2019

Added on 07 December 2019
  • Tree works are to continue on Saturday 30th November.  Various trees are to be crown lifted and removed according to the findings of the Tree Survey
  • There is a still a vacancy for one Parish Councillor.
  • The pothole on the Great Whittington to Matfen road had been reported.  This has been repaired however another pothole has appeared at the Matfen junction to Great Whittington.  This has been reported to Northumberland County Council.
  • There is a campaign in Hallington to provide a defibrillator.  An application has been made to the Ray Wind Farm Community Fund for a grant to fund this.
  • Northumberland County Council has been contacted to request that the road sweeper visits Great Whittington to clear the build up of leaves on the road and in the gutters.
  • Whittington Parish Council is looking for a new clerk.  If anyone is interested in applying for this post please telephone Mandy Senior on 07950 297634 or email for further information. 
  • The Parish Council is in the early stages of preparing a Conservation Management Plan for Whittington Parish.  This will form part of the Neighbourhood Plan.
  • The next meeting of the Parish Council is to be held on Tuesday 21st January 2020 at 7.30pm in Great Whittington Village Hall.
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