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Whittington Parish Council

Parish Council update - January 2020

Added on 26 January 2020

The Parish Council is looking to plant several trees in Great Whittington to replace those felled.

Reports had been received of dog fouling in Great Whittington.  Residents are reminded to ALWAYS pick up after their dog.

There is a still a vacancy for one Parish Councillor.

There is a campaign in Hallington to provide a defibrillator.  The application to the Ray Wind Farm Community Fund for a grant had been successful and the Parish Council will now pursue the purchase and installation.

The Parish Council is in the early stages of preparing a Conservation Management Plan for Whittington Parish.  This will form part of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Whittington Parish Council is looking for a new clerk. We meet bi-monthly on Tuesday evenings and the meetings generally last an hour and a half. The new clerk will work from home and would be contracted to work 9.5 hours per month including attendance at the Council meetings.  The position requires good financial, administrative, organisational, computer and communication skills.  If anyone is interested in applying for this post please telephone Mandy Senior on 07950 297634 or email for further information. 

The next meeting of the Parish Council is to be held on Tuesday 10th March 2020 at 19:30 in Great Whittington Village Hall.  An agenda will be posted on the village notice board and on the website a week in advance.